Dear floorball friends from all around the world,

we are a generation that hates borders. We want to move, travel and discover. However, all this freedom does not mean that we’re willing to leave floorball behind just like that.

BAT Berlin is a cosmopolitan floorball club open to everyone, no matter what gender or skill. With teams in all possible categories – from little kids over fun teams up to an elite Bundesliga site – we are one of the biggest and most successful clubs in Germany, the largest in its capital’s metropolitan area.

In case you are interested in joining BAT Berlin, don’t hesitate and contact us via Facebook or mail. We’ll be happy to assist you to find orientation in one of the most vivid cities on this planet.

„Work & Play“ Program

Since this season the Bundesliga team of BAT Berlin offers talented players from Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic a „Work & Play“ Program. Become a member of the team and earn some money with a basic employment contract at one of our sponsors (450 € monthly, approx. 10 to 15 hours weekly, basic german skills needed).

In case of interest please send your CV, including qualifications, work and sports references, and a few lines regarding your motivation and plans to welcome@batberlin.de. Please understand, that replies can take a while.

However, if you’d like to join the team, but don’t want to apply for the basic employment contract (perhaps you want to find another job or have a different way of financing your stay), please just note it in the mail.


The floorball collective Wonderlust is a network of clubs from several countries that support each other on the foundation of player exchange. Players that look for an experience abroad have responsible contacts in their clubs, that support and help them to find their way.

Administration, social integration, studies, accommodation and many other topics can become difficult obstacles. The partner clubs of Wonderlust support each others players in their process or orientation. Soon all cooperation partners will be published here.

Always happy to hear from you!